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FNTN’s latest single

“Stardust Motel”




FNTN is a group of best friends playing rock and roll pop. Formed in the Spring of 2013, FNTN (fka FENTON) got their start in Virginia, quickly becoming a must-see act on the college circuit. In the tradition of their formative influences -- The Strokes, The Stones, and David Bowie -- FNTN put on a live show is equal parts adrenaline-fueled intensity and melodies that stick in your head.

FNTN's music combines their live show's energy with reflective lyrics and new wave fluorishes. Their first demo EP, Indigo (2016) fused surf pop guitars with a Talking Heads-indebted sense of rhythm to create the ultimate soundtrack for late night driving. Its lead single, "Indigo," has over 23,000 streams on Soundcloud and counting.

The Lucid Dreams EP built on Indigo's rock roots while incorporating vaporwave and synthpop elements. Online tastemakers featured the EP's two leading demos, "One More Ride" and "Other Nights," on multiple playlists; "Other Nights" also received attention as the band's debut music video.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, FNTN hit the ground running with a whole new set of songs, which filter their influences through a classic rock ethos that is theirs alone. In September, 2018 FNTN released their first song, “West Side Girl” on Spotify and Youtube.

In January, 2019, FNTN released their second self-produced single, “Stardust Motel”. This was the band’s first attempt at a full studio pop production reflected in dreamy harmonies and synth textures, yachty guitars, and FNTN’s sharpened sense of craft.

"FNTN tap The Beatles, 90s Britpop, and Frank Ocean for a unique, evolving sound." - The Argonaut

"Proof Charlottesville's music scene is thriving." - Cville Weekly




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